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The Anatomy of a Photo Booth Business “About” Page.

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photo booth about pageWhen I get into my car and turn the ignition key, I consider it a small miracle that the car actually starts and runs. Not because my car is unreliable (’s a Honda), but with all of sensors, computers and electronics that have to come together in those seconds.

Although it’s not a miracle, I still excited when I get a inquiry from a photo booth customer through my website.  It means in the vastness of the internet, they found my site, and were interested enough in my photo booth services to reach out for more information.  With that being said, it is important to have an optimized website, and a big part of that is having an engaging “About” page.

Why have an “About” Page?
I want to encourage you that the “About” page is worth spending time on.  For most business websites, it is the second most viewed page (with the homepage being the most viewed) by customers.  Hopefully you are running Google Analytics or an equivalent tool and are able to see these statistics for your own site.

When visitors land on your “About” page you only have a short window of time (literally seconds) to make a connection with them, otherwise they are going to hit the “back” button and go back to their Google search results or whatever page they came from.  The potential customers on your site are looking for a reason to trust you.  The “About” page is actually less about you and more about the visitor that is on your site.  If you find yourself writing “I, I, I, me, me, me” instead if “you, you, you” then the page needs some adjustment.

The Importance of Story and a Photo.
Remember that most photo booth clients/bookers are women, I wrote an entire post about this topic here.  Women respond much better to an “About” page that is written in more of a story-form, instead of listing credentials, accomplishments and accolades.  You may even want to consider titling the page, “Our Story.”  Make the page personal and show some vulnerability.  Take a sentence and tell people about yourself, if you’re married, single, if you have children, where you live, etc.  Approaching this page with a story in mind, takes away that “selling” or “salesy” feeling. People buy products and services from people they know, like and trust.  This is your chance to let people get to know you, so they can ultimately like and trust you.  

If you take none of this advice, at least do this, put a photo of yourself on the “About” page.  The reality is many of our customers will never meet us in person or even talk on the phone.  A photo helps show that you actually exist, that you are a real person and helps build trust.  The companies who are in a race to the bottom on prices will never do any of this, because they want to remain as anonymous as possible (tougher to contact when they screw up an event).

The Power of Empathy.
Empathy is an incredible way to connect with a photo booth customer, they want to know that you understand them.  The goal of this “About” page is to trigger a thought like this from your potential customer “Hey, they’re just like me.”  To empathize with someone is to be able to understand and share their feelings.  So how can you empathize with a potential photo booth customer?  Have you ever been married? Have you been a best man or bridesmaid? Have you ever planned or coordinated a wedding, birthday party, prom, fundraiser, etc.? Have you ever been in charge of finding a vendor for an event?  Odds are you’ve done something like one of these examples, so you can empathize with a photo booth customer.  Phrases like these are powerful:

-It wasn’t long ago that I was a bride….
-I know what it’s like to plan a Sweet 16 party and…..
-You’re probably facing lots of different photo booth options….
-I was once struggling with trying to choose a photo booth company….

Explain that you know the pains and emotions associated with planning an event and finding the right vendor and how you can help them overcome these struggles.

 “About Page” Template. 
Here is an example of an “About” page template you can use, this is just a basic outline, elaborate and modify as needed of course.

1. Introduction: Hi my name is Kari, my husband Chris and I have three wonderful children and we live in……
2. I started this business because I’m passionate about helping brides, parents, event planners and anyone having an event, overcome the stress of finding a high-quality photo booth experience.
3. I know what it’s like to plan a wedding, birthday party and other events and all of the decision making and hours spent on making sure it’s perfect.
4. That’s why I’m here to help you with your photo booth rental, from making sure the photo strip graphic is perfect, to creating a beautiful photo scrapbook and insuring your guests have the time of their lives.
5. It wasn’t long ago that I was planning my own wedding, trying to find the best the photo booth company, browsing countless websites, sending out emails and making calls.
6. In the end I was disappointed with my own photo booth rental experience, so I decided to start my own company and combine the highest quality photo booth with exceptional customer service.
7.  Let’s talk about your event and how one of our photo booths can make it an event your guests will remember for years to come.  Call me at …… or email me at……..

Be authentic.
Whatever you write on your “About” page, make sure it is all truthful, don’t even stretch the truth. Don’t make yourself or your business out to be someone you’re/it’s not.  New business owners often make the mistake of trying to make their business sound larger than it is.  If it’s just you or you and your spouse then tell people that.  Most people would prefer to interact with a small business rather than a large corporate entity.

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  1. Great advice. I’m a one person shop and now I see that some may like that. Updating my about page soon. This article is so helpful!

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