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How to get more Facebook Page “Likes” for free.

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photo booth facebook

UPDATE: As of June 2016, this strategy is no longer valid, as Facebook has removed the ability to do this.  Why?  I’m not sure, but it probably has to do with Facebook’s overall movement towards a completely “pay to play” platform.  Well, it was a good run and it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully you were able to add a few hundred “likes” to your page.

This article assumes that your photo booth company has a Facebook Page.  If you don’t have one, it’s easy to create one, it takes just 5 minutes.  Choose a profile picture, write a short description and you can even easily design a cover image with the templates provided on Canva.

I know that Facebook doesn’t have the organic reach that it used to, and the number of “Likes” your photo booth business page has isn’t everything.  However, I do believe that a healthy number of “Likes” is attractive for prospective customers and provides an aspect of social proof for your business.   Furthermore the larger your audience is, the greater the chances of people seeing your posts.

When I run a Facebook advertisement or make a post-event post, there are people who will like the photos or status that I have posted, but they haven’t actually liked my page…yet.  Here is how to get them to “Like” your page.

Open up your Facebook page and check your “Notifications.”

photo booth business facebook

This will then bring up the “Notifications” screen, which is all of the recent activity associated with your page:
photo booth business facebook likes
Look for all the instances where someone has either “liked” your link, photo(s) or status, and click on those, which will then bring up a screen like this:
photo booth business
In my case, this one of the posts I use for a Facebook ad.  Facebook will give you a total number of “likes” for the photo, link or post.  Click on the total number of “likes”, and then this window will come up:
start a photo booth business
This window is labeled, “Invite People Who Like This Post to Like Your Page.”  You can then scroll through the list of people who have liked the post, and if they haven’t already “Liked” your page, you can invite them to “Like” it.

That’s it, a simple, quick, easy and free way to get more people to “Like” your photo booth business Facebook page. Not everyone will end up accepting your invitation, but a good number of people will.

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sherlock propBe sure to keep some extra cleaning wipes on hand for the pipe!

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  1. I noticed this doesn’t appear to work (as far as I can tell) if less than 4 people “liked” a certain post because then you cannot get that “Invite people who liked this post to your page” window. Is there a work-around for this?

    1. Author

      I wasn’t aware of the less than 4 circumstance, I’ll have to look into that. Perhaps that is Facebook’s threshold for inviting people.

    2. I just did this and have already had one acceptance! Seemed no specific number needed for me. Make that 3 acceptance now! Thanks for the hint!

    3. Aha… Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen the invite button before!

  2. I would like to know more about how Facebook will help me to promote my company.

    Thank you

  3. I have to agree with you on this. I have been doing this for awhile. The one thing I would also recommend doing is, “inviting” them during the day so that it doesn’t get lost in their feed. I have had many people like my page as a result of photos that I have posted from events, or ads where they like they ad post, but not the actual page.

      1. Nicholas is correct though. There is a minimum number of people before FB will “allow you” to invite people from the post. Not really sure why that is. If you like it yourself that counts as one though. Have a business page, there’s another like.

  4. Brilliant advice thank you! Like others have said it only works if enough people have liked the post (when it gives you a total number rather than just listing a couple of names) but its a really handy tip. I’ve been going through some old posts and so far have invited more than 20 people to like the page so I’m sure there should be at least a few likes coming from that so thanks!

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