The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing


Here’s what’s included in this guide:
• 54 page ebook on email marketing.
• Why is email marketing important?
• How to configure your emails for maximum engagement.
• My exact initial email and follow-up emails.
• The famous, “9 word email” strategy.
• How to respond to pricing objections.
• My 8 email auto-responder sequence.
• The “photo booth buyer’s guide” I send to potential customers.
• BONUS: My best converting Facebook ads.



Over the past several years I’ve spent a great deal of time and money learning how to market and advertise my photo booth business, learning how to get the best return for my investment. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on Google and Facebook advertising, always trying new things to have my photo booth business booked up most weekends. Like many of you, I don’t advertise my photo booth pricing publicly so all of this advertising goes to the sole purpose of having the customer email me and start a conversation. The ads drive customers to a blog post, which lands them on my website, which hopefully results in an email inquiry asking for pricing and availability.

Now the questions become:

• What’s the best way to craft that first email?
• What should the subject line be?
• What if they don’t respond?
• Should I use an auto-responder?

I believe in shortcuts, taking the easiest path to the finish line. I’ve gone through the trial and error of email marketing so you don’t have to. I’ve written a 54 page ebook called, “The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing for the Photo Booth Rental Business”.

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