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One Simple Photo Booth Marketing Trick that Actually Works!

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photo booth marketing

So you want to know to get happier clients, raving reviews and more word of mouth referrals?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The fortune is in the follow up”?

Did you know that people will judge the sum of their experience with you based on two brief moments.

The first being at “the peak” and the second being at “the end”. This is typically referred to as the peak-end rule.

So what does this mean when it comes to marketing for photo booth owners?

You have to over deliver when they first meet you at the event (peak) and you have to crush it when you follow up just after the event (end).

But for the sake of keeping things simple, we’ll concentrate this article on “the end” experience of your customer journey.

So here is one simple photo booth marketing trick that we use to get happier clients and more photo booth referrals. I call this:

The Indoor Billboard Method

I stumbled across this after years of frustration as a wedding photographer. I couldn’t figure out how to get all my clients to rave about my work to their friends. I put so much effort toward making everything else better and very little effort on the highlight moments.

One day I started noticing a handful of past clients were responsible for referring several of their friends to me. At first I assumed it was their personality or the fact that we got along well. But after connecting the dots, I realized they all had the same thing in common. Each of those raving customers experienced The Indoor Billboard Method.

So here’s how it works:

After one week of delivering on your clients expectations its time for a follow up email. I’d encourage you to add this into your workflow or make it automated so you don’t forget. The email could be something like this…

Hi Heather,
Hope you guys are doing well! Question – What was your favorite photo from the gallery? Would you mind sending me the file name when you get a sec.
All the best,

I guarantee you will get a response back pretty fast! The reason for this is you just peaked their interest and insinuated something might happen with that photo. You may get a response back with something like this…

Hey!!! Oh my goodness… This is hard. I love them all so much! Ok. I guess if I had to choose probably image 203, 103 or 305. I don’t know I can’t really decide. Hope you are well. Thanks again for everything! 

After you gather that from them you’ll want to reply with…

Great thanks! What’s your address again? Just wanted to send you a little something. 

What you’ve just done is bought yourself two weeks of them being happy with you. They’re just now starting to feel less like a transaction and more like a friend. Congratulations you’re now getting closer to them taking more of an interest in you.

From there its now your job to send them a gift but not just any gift. You want to send them an indoor billboard. What I mean by this is something that will be seen often in their home. Newlyweds typically have more wall space than the average family. If you send them something that has been pre-selected and comes ready-to-hang chances are it will go up. Especially if it’s soon after their wedding. We like to print canvases for our clients through CG ProPrints. Their prices are very fare and the quality if through the roof. We drop ship our orders right from the site to the client. No special notes, quality inspection or gift wrapping. The point here isn’t to print something huge or spend a lot of money. Instead you want something that is easy to do for every client yet can provide you with a high impact return on investment.

They say environments shape the way people behave. James Clear (a habit building expert) talks about if you want to be healthier put water bottles out around the house or have a bowl of apples on the counter. Small tweaks to your environment will change your daily decisions making. By sending the right gift your able to brand yourself in someones home. This doesn’t mean your canvas will be a talking point every time a guest visits. It just means your brand will be in the back of their minds more often.

You can’t expect customers to go out of their way to talk about you, if your not first willing to go out of your way to do something unexpected.

If you’re thinking a canvas is a bit excessive try a framed print or a refrigerator magnet. I haven’t tested any of these but they could be just as good. Remember the point here is to make this gift doable. You don’t want to over complicate your gift and make it too difficult to maintain. Keep it simple.

Best of luck! Can’t wait to hear what kind of results you’re getting from this.

If you have other great marketing ideas we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. Great blog, after reading this I have gained alot of confidence to follow up with my customers. I will take on your advice and reserch a billboard type of gift to send post event. Ill see how I go over the next few months and let you know.

  2. Indeed. First get them to notice, act well during and then do the followup and keep them satisfied. Taking time to have them feel you cared is going to give you points.

  3. The link that’s sent for the free photo booth contract produces a black page. Nothing to download?? Also PM’d you on your Facebook page.

  4. The free Photobooth contract never sent. Is there a glitch with this template or was it a hoax to get our emails?

  5. I’m a huge fan of James Clear and atomic habits, I’ve been applying it to my photo booth business and have been getting exponential results but have not thought about the indoor billboard method that applies to my client. Brilliant!

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