free photo booth contract

Download FREE Photo Booth Contract ($250 Value)

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free photo booth contract


Download FREE: Attorney DraftedPhoto Booth Contracts

Over $500 of Action Packed Value!
Download Contracts!

*Disclaimer I am not an attorney, accountant or tax expert, please consult a professional when making this decision.

Isn’t it ironic that everyone who gives legal advice (that isn’t a Lawyer) starts out by saying… “I’m no lawyer but…”

However, when it comes to diagnosing physical symptoms (without being a Doctor) we are quick to say… “You know what you should do…”

Ok just had to get that out of my system. Let’s move on to what you came here for… The FREE Photo Booth Contract!

Let me start off by saying, you should have this contract reviewed before putting it to use. Check out Legal Zoom if you don’t already have an Attorney. You’ll want to make sure all the legal verbiage lines up with your business needs and area of where you do business.

See if you fall into one of these camps:

  1. I’m just starting out and needing a contract to book my first gig.
  2. I’ve been booking photo booths without a contract for sometime now.
  3. I have a contract in place but want to update it and protect myself better.

No matter where you’re at with your photo booth journey, I believe this contract can help you! Sometimes the best way to build a contract is to gather multiple contracts and merge copy that is important to your business needs.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download our free photo booth contract.

Download the FREE Photo Booth Contract

Download FREE: Attorney DraftedPhoto Booth Contracts

Over $500 of Action Packed Value!
Download Contracts!

It’s a simple word document template that allows you to simply drop in your brand information and client details.

6 obvious reasons why a photo booth contract is a must!

1. Makes you appear more professional

If you’re interested in growing your photo booth business and setting yourself apart from the competition a contract will help with that. Customers want to feel like you know what you’re doing, so they can trust you with their big day. The sooner you’re able to talk about a contract it will reassure them that you’re in it for the long haul.

2. You want to protect yourself when things go wrong

Let’s face it, there are a lot of “crazies” out there! And things go wrong all the time. Owning a business and trading photo booth services for money comes at a risk. Having a solid contract in place will protect you and the client should things go south. It may seem like it will never happen but trust me, it happens more often than we think.

3. Set the expectations from the beginning

People have weird expectations, especially when it comes to their money. And the more time goes on, the more forgetful people become. Getting things in writing helps both parties to look back at what was originally agreed upon. If ever there is a disagreement you can point the client back to the terms of their agreement.

4. Make sure you get paid 

This is a big one. As a business, you need cash flow to survive. In the event industry giving up a date means you have to decline other potential jobs. We only own so many booths and can only show up to so many events. Knowing you’re able to collect deposits at the times you need it will help you to plan and project the future. It also guarantees your bills will get paid on time. If you don’t have this in writing people will gladly pay (or not) when they want.

5. Helps you do the job professionally

Often times there are requirements that you will need from the client in order to deliver a successful photo booth experience. For example… If the client doesn’t know you need a “flat level surface indoors with an outlet” they will unknowingly tell you the booth belongs on the sand outdoors in the rain. If the conditions will affect the performance of you operating the booth, then having those requirements in writing will save you.

6. Keeps them from milking you dry

High demanding clients are hard to avoid. You’re bound to get a handful of them every year. There will be clients who go out of their way to take advantage of you. These people will come up with the most unrealistic set of expectations. You need the freedom to run your business how you want it. If the proper legal agreement is not in place you won’t have the leverage or confidence to say “NO”. Trust me after a few events with these people you will come up with your own legal lines and company policies.

Protect yourself even further:

Finally, this may be obvious but if you don’t have insurance we highly recommend looking into it. This might be a start up cost you want to avoid until you have several events under your belt up but having insurance (both liability and general) will be the ultimate way of protecting yourself. Think of the contract as a safety measure to prevent and protect you. However, the Photo Booth Rental insurance is what you need in place if something actually does happen. Again, having insurance will separate you from other companies and most venues require it. You don’t want to be showing up at venues without any insurance.

So grab your free copy of our contract and then go look into what it costs to insure your business. Enjoy!

Download FREE Photo Booth Contract ($250 Value) here:


Download FREE: Attorney DraftedPhoto Booth Contracts

Over $500 of Action Packed Value!
Download Contracts!
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