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Instagram and the photo booth business, part 2

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instagram photo boothInstagram is an important marketing tool for your photo booth business, it can boost sales and encourage clients to use your services again.  Now that you have your profile set up, the question is, what and when should you be posting on Instagram?

I recommend posting to Instragram at least once a day.  As photo booth owners, most of our work takes place on the weekends.  So the question becomes, what to post during the week?  Here are some ideas:

  • When you order and receive new props, post a photo of them, let people know you’re looking forward to using them.
  • Perhaps you just received some new back drops, or are ordering a step and repeat, make a post about it.
  • If you’re working on photo strip graphic designs, post the graphic, ask your followers what they think.
  • When you book a new event, post a photo booth related photo and let your followers know that you’re excited to be working with your new clients.
  • Perhaps you are prepping for a bridal expo, take a photo of your prep work and let your followers know where you’ll be.
  • Find some photo booth related quotes or news stories and post those. We’ve all seen the articles with the dog in the photo booth or the couple getting engaged in a booth.
  • Post photos from last weekend’s events.
  • Post a photo of you prepping the photo booth for the weekend’s events.
  • Perhaps a year ago, you worked a wedding, wish the couple a Happy Anniversary and post a photo.

What should you post during an event? Here are some ideas of what you could post during an event: 

  • When you arrive at the venue, take a photo of the place and post that you just arrived, time to set up.
  • Post a photo of the booth being setup at the venue.
  • Post a photo of the completed setup and that you’re ready for the event.
  • Post a photo of the booth being used during the event.
  • Post a photo of the booth being packed up.

What #hashtags should you use?

If you’ve worked any weddings recently, you’ve probably noticed that the couple often creates a specific #hashtag for their wedding.  They encourage their guests to use that #hashtag when posting photos of their wedding.  This makes it easy for everyone to find the photos taken at the wedding.  Be sure to take note of this #hashtag when you are at an event and use it when you post your related photos. 

Be sure to use local #hashtags such as #yourcity, #yourcounty, #yourregion, etc.  There are people who monitor these local #hashtags and will be exposed to your business.  Be sure to read my previous post on Instagram and the photo booth business, for more #hashtag ideas. 

Tag the venue.  Instagram allows you to insert a location into your post.  When you are posting from a venue or posting photos that were taken previously at the venue, be sure to add the location. 

Mirror these posts on Facebook.  Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, they allow you to mirror your posts.  You can choose a setting that allows Facebook to automatically post your Instagram posts and vice versa. 

Don’t be afraid to show the faces behind your business (you, your family, attendants).  For example, when I am testing my photo booth for an upcoming event, my kids always want to get in the photos.  Post one of those to Instagram, let people see you are an actual person that they can relate to.  As business owners, we sometimes make the mistake of trying to appear larger and more corporate than we are. 

What are some of your favorite posts?  What ideas do you have?  Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Great article! I’ll definitely start posting more. The only time I ever posted on IG is when we are at events. I never thought about posting backdrops, props etc…

    Thank you again for another great article!

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