How to generate photo booth leads for free on Facebook.

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28913072871_d5e1280852_zThere is a belief in the small business marketing world that it is now impossible to generate leads on Facebook without paying for advertising, but that is simply not true.  While Facebook has largely moved to a “pay to play” platform, there are still ways to find new leads, without opening your wallet.  Utilizing the following strategy can help you make contacts and generate leads without any investment but your time.

Start by researching Facebook groups active in your area.  Search for local bride groups, local wedding planning groups, prom/post-prom groups, and other event planning organizations specific to your area.  In addition, join every single garage sale group, classified group, bulletin board group, community group, etc.  You can search for these by city/town, county, area code and so forth.  The Facebook search bar is your friend.  Once you join a few, Facebook will begin recommending similar groups to you.  Join all the groups you can that are within the area you are willing to travel with your photo booth. 

Once your membership to these groups has been approved by the admin, be sure to have a read through the rules and guidelines.  Don’t just start blasting your photo booth business all over the groups.  Instead, comment with helpful tips or ideas within the groups’ guidelines.  Members of all of these groups constantly ask other members for recommendations and referrals for all types of service based businesses.  Personal testimony and recommendation is incredibly powerful.   

Eventually, someone will request a recommendation for a photo booth rental and this is your chance to make a personal connection. Reply to the post with your name, website and email address, offering your services or advice. Don’t try to hide the fact that you are representing your company, just be upfront and let the person know that this is your photo booth company.  Simply state your company’s name and your desire to talk further about your photo booth services.

Follow up the post with a private message to the group member indicating your desire to discuss his/her event further.  Start a conversation about the event, like the contact’s posts to generate goodwill and, above all, be friendly and casual rather than a “salesman.”  You want the group member’s to feel like they are getting photo booth recommendations and tips from a friend, not a shark trying to make a sale.

Facebook groups also have a search feature, which allows you to search for keywords within the Facebook group.  After you join a group, search “photo booth” and see if there have been any past discussions.  Perhaps there weren’t any recommendations given and it’s not too late to mention your photo booth business. 

Additionally, do not be afraid to ask people to recommend you in Facebook groups. If you book an event through a specific Facebook group, ask the client to recommend your services to the members of the group. If allowed, post some photos of the event to the group page and tag your client.

Once a month or so, I will just send out a general blast to all the groups that links to my photo booth website (if it’s within the guidelines of the group), just to put photo booth rentals on people’s radar.  Or perhaps I have a date that just won’t book on the calendar, you could advertise that date. 

With patience and smart posting, you can generate leads through Facebook that you would never have been aware of otherwise.

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      1. Thank you for sharing such great advice and ideas on promoting on Facebook. I started working for Action Flipbooks over a year ago and my boss is allowing me more freedom to help promote for the company. So I’m reading and googling and just need to find the right start for me to get the ball rolling and I think you just gave it to me.. thank you!!

  1. send me more articles to help me on the road to succeed in the photobooth business… thanks, ricky

  2. Hey Chris, just wanted to say Great Job on the very informative article and thank you for making it available to the rest of us that are trying get started in this field.

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