Why & how to write a post photo booth event blog post.

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30921621063_6639ea6b93_zI think all of us photo booth owners do the easy post-event marketing, posting photos to Facebook and Instagram.  If you haven’t read my post on “How to Structure a Post-Event Facebook Post” be sure to do that.  Social media posts are important, but I’m a firm believer that every photo booth owner should also have a blog as a part of their website.  A major aspect of that blog is for writing post event blog posts. 


Attention and shares.  Say you just worked a wedding and you take my advice and write a post-event article, which mentions the bride and groom, venue, event planner, DJ, caterer, florist, and any other vendors you met.  (Note: Be sure to ask your client if it’s OK to include them in this article first) The next step is to email these people with a link to your blog post.  People love to see their name or business mentioned in any kind of media.  Just think back to when you made the high honor roll and the local newspaper published your name.  Or perhaps you were on the basketball team the local newspaper photographer published an action shot of you.  I’m sure that your parents bought a few newspapers, cut out the articles, posted them on the fridge, let other friends and family know.  When you let your clients and other vendors know that you’ve written an article and mentioned them, they are very likely to share this article on their social media accounts, bringing attention to your photo booth business.  This practice creates goodwill amongst vendors and increases the likelihood that they will recommend your photo booth business to their clients. 

SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization.  Google is always changing what they like and don’t like but I think a few things are constant.  Google likes a website that is regularly updated and not sitting idle with no new content.  Writing and posting these articles to your website satisfies that for Google and the other search engines.  Google also likes when websites link to outside websites.  Writing these articles will also be beneficial to the venues and vendors that you name drop and link to, because Google likes when other sites link to your site. 

Social Proof. Having these articles on your site will add to your social proof for new clients.  They’ll be able to see that you’ve done plenty of photo booth gigs before, and perhaps that you’ve been to their venue before or you’ve already worked with a certain event planner.  Some people find comfort in knowing that they are not pioneers.  For instance, when we actually go on vacation, we’ve been staying at Air BnB homes.  I’ve noticed that I don’t want to stay at a house that has never been stayed at and reviewed before.


This article should be simple, clear and concise.  Be sure to include a few of your best photo booth photos, perhaps of your booth setup as well.  You could even ask permission from the photographer to use a photo of theirs.  Here is an example of a template you could use:

(Your photo booth company) had the privilege of working the Smith-Peterson wedding on December 15. Include a short commentary on the client: love story, worthy foundation goals, interesting company facts, whatever is complimentary and relevant to the specific event.

Event guets enjoyed: a couple of details on food and caterer, music, other entertainment.  You could include links to vendor websites at this point or simply tag them in your post.

Our company was happy to provide photo booth entertainment for the Smith-Peterson wedding and were honored to capture memorable photos for their guests. Here are some of our favorite shots! Alternately, you could smaller photos throughout the blog post with the event name as the caption.

The newlyweds are now off to Aruba for their honeymoon and we wish them the best on their new life together. 

Be creative in your post-event blog but be sure to maintain professionalism and kindness as well. Your posts should not be carbon copies but it is wise to follow a basic template to ensure that you include all the important information in each blog.

I like to think of these articles as a better version of the wedding announcements that you find in your local newspaper.  Just as a thought, you could even write a short post after you book a wedding/event, saying that you’re looking forward to being a part of their wedding and so on. 

Happy blogging!

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  1. great article. I always wanted to write a blog for my website and now I know how. thank you

  2. His is some good information. When I used to be a photographer, I would post about the event, city, and the client. Once I started the photobooth business, I stopped blogging. As of today, I am going to start again.

    I have a question. I did a few events back in 2013, wow4, 2015, and 2016. Do I start with these events for on my blog or just post what happened in 2017?

  3. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Your template is just what I needed to get me started. I have been very lax about keeping my website and Facebook updated. This will really help get me on track! Thanks for taking the time to put this all together!

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  5. Thanks Chris, great advice! Writing consistent, good quality blogs is key for an effective SEO strategy.

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  7. Thanks for the info, definitely going to brainstorm on what to write for my site!

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