How to Quickly Setup and Breakdown a Sequin Backdrop at Events

In Tutorialsby Jon Connolly4 Comments

Thought it would be helpful to share a quick way to setup and breakdown a sequin backdrop at events.

In this short tutorial video I’ll cover all steps we take to make this happen for our photo booth events.

We like to create simple tutorial videos like this for our attendants to watch and learn our process for setting up at events.

I’d love to hear other tips or tricks you do at events when setting up backdrops like this. We’re always looking for better ways to do this.

Please comment below!

Here are the product links to the Backdrop Stand & Base as well as the Sequin Backdrop we used in this tutorial video.

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  1. Hi, great video! Do you have any recommendations on green screens? More specifically, do you recommend a collapsible green screen or one that you use a backdrop stand with? Thanks for all of the knowledge!

    1. Author

      If your just starting out the x-frame is a simple backdrop to setup –

      They have a green screen fabric that can be purchased separately from the frame. The main concern is to eliminate wrinkles. Having a green screen fabric with tension is helpful. You could also look into pillow cover backdrop frames. Many places sell them where the fabric slides over the frame and zips at the base.

  2. Great video! What were the dimensions of that backdrop and about how many people do you fit in front of it?

    1. Author

      The frame is 8×8′ but the sequin is a little wider. It all depends how far your booth is from the backdrop or how wide you set the lens to. You are capable of fitting big groups is everyone squeezes in. However, keeping the booth further out or the camera lens wide makes your images a bit more inconsistent. I have found that 6ft-7ft from the backdrop and about 24mm zoom on the lens is a good middle ground. 4-6 people can fit comfortably in that space.

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