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Your Complete Salsa Booth Review Guide Before Buying

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Photo Booth Supply Co. doesn’t just sell photo booths. What they really sell is freedom. Or quite possibly “leverage” to help you get there. When you buy a Salsa Booth what you’re really getting is a business in a box that allows you to hit the ground running.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business on the side or trying to scale up your existing booth inventory… Salsa Booth might just be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

In this complete Salsa Booth Review Guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about this booth and how it might work best for you.

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But first:

This isn’t a gear review site talking about specs. This is coming from someone who actually owns a photo booth business and has events every weekend.

But don’t take my word for it…

Meet Bill, a 60-year-old car salesman from Florida who’s close to retiring and looking for his next move. He asked about starting a photo booth business so we encouraged him to set up a website and buy a Salsa Booth.

He got the site up, bought the booth and had two sales before it even arrived. Retirement is looking pretty good so far!

But how is this possible?

Salsa Booth helps you succeed by giving you access to their marketing content including photos and videos.

So what does this mean?

It means you can pre-sell your Salsa Booth and go-to-market (aka make money) faster than starting from scratch. Don’t get me wrong it’s still going to take a lot of work on your end. But any bit of momentum to help push things along is going to help tremendously! Especially when you’re first starting out.

They also offer marketing materials, sample contracts, expert advice, technical support, training videos, educational webinars and access to a community of booth owners.

“Our photo booth business paid our mortgage and living expenses last year.”


Photo Booth Statistics

The Salsa Booth starts at only $149/mo. On average their booth owners are making $72k in revenue and charging $800 per event. 69% of them do it part-time. 55% have purchased a second booth and they have a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

These stats are incredible! Why? Because you have to consider risks when starting a business and having data to back that up is extremely helpful!

Salsa Booth Features

LED Lighting

You can choose from over 120+ LED color combinations. Not only does this attract guests to the booth but it also creates for some interesting color cast effects. When the booth is ready to take a photo it will flash with 330 LEDs.


The tilt-head feature allows you to reposition the frame fo capturing people of all different heights and/or varying backdrops. This is great for kid parties or seated installations.

Booth Wrap

The booth is designed for easy application of vinyl wrapping. It comes with a simple design template so you can send mock-ups to clients before sending it off to print.

Check out how easy it is to customize their photoshop files and present killer visual aids to up-sell your packages:

Custom Branding

The booth allows you to change the touch screen background, LED colors, print strip designs, and client gallery theme. Which is excellent for those corporate clients who want to personalize their event.

Collect Data

Increase your email or phone number lists by collecting data from guests at your event. Salsa Booth is also offering custom surveys to engage people with questions. The marketing opportunities and potential upsells this could bring to your brand are very appealing. With experiential marketing on the rise, companies are looking for more ways to engage customers and collect data. Check out how this booth captured 740 emails:

No WiFi!

All the emails and phone numbers captured at your event will be saved to the queue. This means it saves all the submissions your guests make so when you get on WiFi or a HotSpot you send everything out.

AirDrop Sharing

If there is no WiFi at your event guests can still get their photos by using the latest AirDrop feature. Simply send any media file right from the iPad to an Apple device. I think we all can agree this is a game-changer!

Cloud Syncing

Since I run my business virtually I really love this feature! You can customize your events from any iPad and have them sync to all your devices. This is perfect for multiple events or installations happening at the same time.

Check out how easy it is to create an event:

Web App for Event Control

They now have a web app where you can control events remotely. This is especially helpful if you manage attendants and need to get in and make a change to the event. Better yet, if you do a drop-off and the guest is having technical issues you can go in and solve it remotely. Check out some of these control features in this video:

Live Gallery

They don’t make much mention of this but I think it’s an incredible feature. Your guests will be able to access the full gallery live as the event is happening. With my DSLR Booth I’ve always had to wait until after the event to deliver all the images. This definitely makes the event itself way more engaging and fun!


With compatible printers like the DNP 620A you can now utilize AirPrint. All you will need is a dongle to make the wireless connection and you’re good to go. All the print strip designs can be customized as well through the app or designed and uploaded as usual.

Manual Mode

My background is in photography so having a manual mode feature is really important to me. It isn’t for everybody but having a consistent looking gallery and nailing your images in-camera can really set you apart. Sometimes when cameras are put in auto-mode they can do weird things. We provide great workflow systems for our attendants to ensure our photos look consistent at every event.


My favorite part about this booth is how ultra-portable it is to move around and how quickly it takes to assemble. The booth weighs only 36lbs and takes 60 seconds to set up.

Tool-less Setup

The booth can be assembled completely by hand without any tools. I can’t tell you how many times our attendants have lost our mini screwdriver! That’s one less thing to think about.

We had a DSLR Booth set up at an event the other night and we were told to move rooms. It took us about an hour to break everything down, move it and set everything back up. With the Salsa Booth, we could have just lifted it up off the ground and carried it by hand.

“Salsa is the most portable, dummy-proof system we’ve seen on the market.”


How to Assemble Salsa Photo Booth:

Dimensions & Weight

Total Height64″
Head Height21″
Pole Width5.5”
Pole Height20.75″
Case Dimensions24.5” x 19.37” x 12.22”
Case Weight19lbs
Booth Weight with iPad37lbs
Total Combined Weight58lbs

Add On Ideas:

No Power!

Now you can buy a portable generator like this Anker and run the booth entirely on your own. Check out this video of Brandon running a Salsa Booth in the desert. Pretty awesome!


Just think of the endless possibilities of what you can do with these RGB LED Sticks from Amazon. These color casting video tubes are trending right now and they can really create for some creative experiences.

Check out some of the unique captures this Salsa Booth was able to get with these LED lights:

77% of marketers use experiential marketing as a core part of their advertising strategy.


Salsa App Features

You can download and try out the Salsa App free for 30 days. You don’t have to actually own the booth to install this either. I don’t think Pro is necessary to start with. My suggestion would be to start with a Plus Account and grow into the Pro Account as your demand increases. You can sign up for a month-to-month plan or pay annually for less. Here are all the features included for each plan:

FeaturesPlus $49/moPro $99/mo
Unlimited EventsYESYES
Unlimited CapturesYESYES
Cloud SyncingYESYES
Gallery ModeYESYES
Offline QueuingYESYES
Unlimited EmailsYESYES
Share and Capture AnalyticsBasicAdvanced
Brandable ScreensYESYES
Live GalleryBasicAdvanced
SupportEmailEmail + Phone
Dropbox IntegrationNOYES
FTP IntegrationNOYES
Disclaimer TextNOYES
Green ScreenNOYES

“With little to no advertising, our photo booth has almost paid for itself.”


My overall opinion of the Salsa Booth

Because of my photography obsession, I’m a die-hard DSLR fan. It’s taken me years to troubleshoot my DSLR Booth and build systems to train our attendants. To be honest, its been a ton of work and we still always seem to have little kinks to work through. Sometimes I feel like we’ve got a Jenga Booth. You move one little piece and everything falls apart. I will say though that most of my problems in life have been because of PC’s (aka Windows). But that’s a different conversation for another day. lol

However, I’m really looking to grow my brand this year and provide an easier solution for my attendants. Yes, image quality is super important to me and I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of my DSLR Booth anytime soon. But I’m noticing a few things in the industry…

People buy booths for different reasons: Sometimes they value price more but other times it’s your brand, the backdrops/prints, the look of the booth, the unique feature you offer or maybe it’s just the overall feeling they want to have at their event.

Either way, we all know that technology is changing very fast! People are practically carrying mini selfie booths in their pocket/purse. It’s called the iPhone. Every time I see Apple upgrading its camera technology it freaks me out inside! I don’t ever want to be that guy who’s stuck in his ways. Nor do I want to be chasing trends all the time.

I don’t love the monthly payments on the app side of things because I’m a cheapo. But on the flip side, I’m never upgrading Darkroom or adding features because who knows what could happen at the next event. It would be nice to know that your app can easily be updated and have all the latest photo/sharing trends.

I could see it reducing my gallery costs and time uploading by utilizing their live galleries. Having the photos go to the same place where guests can receive them is a huge time saver. I’m constantly saying NO to clients when they ask for all these crazy features. It would be nice to just say YES every once in a while and just allow the guests to make their decisions at the event. Rather than wasting all this time configuring booths and settings for each job.

Overall, if you’re just starting a photo booth business I highly recommend you begin with a booth like this. It will enable you to enter the market very quickly (with the least amount of knowledge) and help you to focus on your business making money. Not troubleshooting!

Otherwise, if you’re like me and already have a complex booth, I think this could be a great addition for growing your brand. Buying a Salsa Booth for my business is helping us to save time on training/hiring attendants. It’s also enabling us to offer drop-off’s and installations. I really think this system is the future of where booths are going. Best of luck! Hope you found this helpful. Please comment below with any questions…

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To be totally transparent this article contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you make a purchase by clicking a link we’ll receive a small commission. It does not change the original price of the product in any way. This commission helps us to support our site and continue making helpful content for our readers. We sincerely appreciate it and do our best to only promote products we really like. However, please be sure to do your own research before buying anything. Thanks again!

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  1. As a photo booth owner for 4 years in the business, I can say that 95% of customers hire a photo booth to have PRINTS. Now, with iPad booth you will spend a lot of time troubleshooting the printer issues and basically you can’t offer prints to your customers. No prints clients – companies only and not all. Everyone likes to have prints.

    I agree to start with it’s a good product, but software monthly payments are killing….

    1. I hear you! I love printing with my DSLR photo booth. Yes, I had issues with it and with the Windows PC. Therefore, I sold all of my DSLR booth, and purchased all digital iPad booth. Some of my friends in this industry did the same thing and PRINT all the time with their iPad Booth booth. I guess it depends on the app (software). Some are still in BETA mode while other apps, print 89% without any hiccups. I remember some of the FB forum, many stated printing is dead. I guess it depends on your market and city. I love printing but never had a client ask for it.

  2. Do you think the booth has enough lighting to create a bright/clean shot of large groups who may have to be a few feet away from the stand? If not, what additional lighting would you recommend besides those LED sticks listed in the article?

  3. i can advise you guys to use platforms for selling photos. for example i am personally using one of this platform and making around 500 bucks. yes it depends on monthes i am just telling you roughly per month. but if you work hard you can make even more. photographing is my second job. the platform i use you can check here:

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