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How to create a basic Facebook ad for the photo booth business.

How to create a basic Facebook ad for the photo booth business. thumbnail

Here's a quick tutorial on how to setup a basic Facebook ad for your photo booth business. Enjoy the video and leave me a comment… Read This Post


How to find your own photo booth gigs and get paid.

How to find your own photo booth gigs and get paid. thumbnail

As photo booth business owners we often wear many hats; sales, customer service, attendant, technician, prop master and so on.  The most important of these roles is arguably sales, as without sales none of us would be able to continue in the business.  Many of us put websites and ads out there, and sit back and wait for customers to contact us, and they do.  However, we all have dates on the calendar that just don't seem to book, or customers who nearly want a free photo booth rental. So I recently had the thought, why not pro-actively book some gigs?  Instead of waiting for a customer to come to me, I'll reach out to them, cold. Many other industries employ the sales technique of cold outreach, contacting potential customers whom you have no prior relationship or contact with.  Here's how, it's not easy, but it is simple. 1. Search Facebook… Read This Post


The Ultimate Guide to Props

photo booth props

Props can make or break your client’s photo booth experience as well as your budget. Let's face it, props get stolen, damaged and worn out.  Over time they will need to be replaced, it's just a cost of doing business.  You need to know where to buy quality props at affordable prices that will last through several jobs and some possible abuse. You need interesting and accessible props that will encourage your clients and their guests to take lots of fun pictures and, most importantly, recommend you to their friends. **Disclaimer.  The following list of prop vendors is simply a directory.  I have not ordered from all of these vendors, therefore I cannot attest to the quality of the props these vendors sell, nor can I vouch for their customer service.** Props Vendors. 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop – Props.  From junk food signs to musical instrument props, 1 Stop… Read This Post


Find your “why” & get started.

Find your “why” & get started. thumbnail

Bradley Dixon, owner of The FlashBar | Photo Booth Co., guest posts today, answering the question, "why the photo booth business?" and explains how he got his first gigs on a "shoe string budget." I’ve found myself responding to, “Why a photo booth business?”, all too often lately. Aside from being out of breath, the bright side is that I get to rehearse my elevator pitch on, what seems like, a daily basis. I created The FlashBar | Photo Booth Co. after a vacation to the Gulf in late September, just weeks after leaving my full-time job. When the idea came to me, it fluttered around in my head long enough for me to seriously pursue the notion of owning my own business. Upon returning home, I continued my deep dive research into the industry and my market. I watched videos, read blogs, and scoured social media profiles; you name… Read This Post


Why & how to write a post photo booth event blog post.

photo booth blog

I think all of us photo booth owners do the easy post-event marketing, posting photos to Facebook and Instagram.  If you haven’t read my post on “How to Structure a Post-Event Facebook Post” be sure to do that.  Social media posts are important, but I’m a firm believer that every photo booth owner should also have a blog as a part of their website.  A major aspect of that blog is for writing post event blog posts.  Why? Attention and shares.  Say you just worked a wedding and you take my advice and write a post-event article, which mentions the bride and groom, venue, event planner, DJ, caterer, florist, and any other vendors you met.  (Note: Be sure to ask your client if it’s OK to include them in this article first) The next step is to email these people with a link to your blog post.  People love to… Read This Post


Advertising on photo strip; Tacky or brilliant marketing?

Asking this question among photo booth owners could be the equivalent of asking an American if they voted for Trump or Clinton; Should you include your website or contact information on a photo booth strip design? There may not be a right or wrong answer but there are certainly opinions that vary dramatically based on the event the design is intended for and the strategy of the photo booth owner. Let's start with the obvious events where photo booth owners must advertise on their photo strips:  Wedding/Bridal shows or other trade expos are no-brainer events that you must advertise your website and contact info on a photo strip.  Clients are expecting to be advertised to, they want to be able to easily follow-up with you.  The photo strip is your business card during these events, there is zero shame in advertising here. In addition, most photo booth owners don't hesitate… Read This Post


Should you tie “The Knot” for your photo booth business?

Should you tie “The Knot” for your photo booth business? thumbnail

The Knot claims to be one of the most well-known wedding planning sites, used by millions of brides and grooms to ease the stress of planning a wedding. The site offers gift registry tracking, guest list and menu planning guides, space to store ideas for dresses and centerpieces and, of course, a guide to find the perfect vendors. The Knot promises its users to help them find the best local vendors for their wedding by posting reviews from former clients and access to the vendors themselves to ask questions and get more information. Sounds like the perfect avenue to connect with a huge potential photo booth market, right? Well, maybe not, according to many disgruntled photo booth owners. The claims of “millions” of couples may be technically accurate but certainly includes those casual browsers who are simply price checking/shopping, planning for a wedding in the very-distant future, or searching for… Read This Post

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Wedding Wire and your photo booth business.

wedding wire photo booth

If you've visited any wedding vendor websites you have probably seen a handful that have Wedding Wire badges that read, "Wedding Wire Couple's Choice", "Wedding Wire Bride's Choice", "Wedding Wire 100 Reviews", etc.  Do these accolades translate into sales for your photo booth business or are they just vanity? Wedding Wire is a website that boasts 40 million visitors a month and showcases a clean and inviting interface but vendor reviews show that Wedding Wire may lack in customer service and in providing quality leads that lead to profitable event bookings. So the question is: will a membership on Wedding Wire boost your business? Any vendor can sign up for a free account and “Storefront” on the site which guarantees unlimited User Accounts, storage for up to 100 photos, access to Contact Forms and Inquiries and a Booking Management Tool along with Email Support during regular business hours. An upgrade… Read This Post


Thumbtack; Waste of time and money or a goldmine of leads?

Thumbtack; Waste of time and money or a goldmine of leads? thumbnail

Mention Thumbtack to a photo booth owner and you may see them find the nearest wall and bang their head against it.  Just do a search for Thumbtack in the popular Facebook group, Photo Booth Network (if you're not already a member, join ASAP) and you'll find a treasure trove of complaints and screenshots of ridiculous requests from potential customers, usually in the form of extremely low budgets. Needless to say, Thumbtack is not the most popular website for professional photo booth business owners.  In fact, plenty of photo booth owners refer to the site as scam and a con.  The majority of the complaints about the site are centered around the bid and credit system, the low numbers of seemingly serious clients searching to hire through the site and the way that Thumbtack often changes their platform and rules of the game.  Many Thumbtack users do not have their… Read This Post


A Knot, a Wire, a Thumbtack and some Gigs.

A Knot, a Wire, a Thumbtack and some Gigs. thumbnail

Of course I'm referring to the popular sites, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Thumbtack, Gigmasters and Gig Salad.  This is an introductory article that summarizes each of these sites.  We'll dive deep into each one individually in future articles and discuss which are worth your time and money for your photo booth business. As you are no doubt aware, consumer facing event and wedding planning websites are growing in popularity. Brides to be and others planning an event can utilize these sites to find inspiration, read blogs, find vendors, keep track of decisions that need to be made, create and organize budgets, and to communicate with guests.  Vendors can gain valuable access to these event planners as well as their guests with their advertising dollars but which is the best choice for your photo booth business? Thumbtack.com offers users advice and contact information for professionals in a wide range of fields… Read This Post


The elephant in the photo booth; sales tax.

The elephant in the photo booth; sales tax. thumbnail

*Disclaimer* I am not an attorney, accountant or tax expert, please consult a professional when making this decision. The below information may not be current, as tax laws change daily. Alright, so it's not an elephant, but it's the closest that's been in our photo booth, Lloyd the lion, our church's Sunday school mascot.   I think someone famous said that in life we can be certain of two things, death and taxes. Let’s be honest, this is a topic that separates the professional photo booth companies from the hobbyists. Don’t let this topic paralyze your progress. Learn what is required, become compliant and move on with life. Does your photo booth business need to charge sales tax? In short, probably. The photo booth business walks a peculiar line between goods and services, as does photography in general. Though we are in the service business, our service also results in… Read This Post


How to make the most of a wedding expo/bridal show, part 2.

How to make the most of a wedding expo/bridal show, part 2. thumbnail

If you haven't read part 1, give it a read here first: How to make the most of a wedding expo/bridal show, part 1. Are these shows really worth the investment? Sometimes when I look at the vendor fees for getting into these expos, I wonder if I should be in the expo business.  Reserving a vendor booth at a wedding expo is a big investment of both time and money. The timeline for the expo itself is at least an afternoon, if not an entire day, plus setup and tear down.  Factor in the additional time in preparing the booth itself, any giveaways you plan to offer throughout the day, and a system for acquiring and following up on leads.....and you have accrued a substantial amount of time.  From a purely financial standpoint, you have the cost of the booth, generally somewhere between $300-500, any materials needed to make… Read This Post


How to make the most of a wedding expo/bridal show, part 1.

How to make the most of a wedding expo/bridal show, part 1. thumbnail

Weddings are the bread and butter of my photo booth business.  I live in an area that has many popular wedding destinations and venues.  Therefore, there are plenty of bridal shows/wedding expos to attend.  Bridal shows/wedding expos can be beneficial for the bride to be and the vendors, including you the photo booth business owner.  I’ll be honest, until I started my photo booth business, I never stepped foot inside a wedding expo. How do you find out about these events?  Google is your friend of course, simply search for “wedding expo” and “bridal show” in the locales that you want to attend.  Visit the websites of the wedding venues, as the they will list these expos of their calendar.  Join their mailing list so you can find out about future events.  In my area “bandit” signs advertising these expos, are often placed at busy intersections, so I always keep… Read This Post


Don’t win the race to the bottom.

Don’t win the race to the bottom. thumbnail

A few times a month I get that call or email from a client that is ready to book with my photo booth rental company immediately. These customers don’t care what the price is, and they have their credit card in hand ready for me to charge it. These are the inquiries that all of us photo booth business owners would like to receive every day. Unfortunately, more often I get that inquiry from a potential customer who is looking for a 4 hour photo booth rental for their summer wedding and wants to stay under their “budget” of $400. The other scenario that occurs is I give a potential customer our pricing information and they proceed to inform me that they found a Groupon or Thumbtack deal. They can get 4 hours for $300 with this type of offer; therefore, my prices are “crazy.” It’s no secret that there… Read This Post


How to generate photo booth leads for free on Facebook.

photo booth facebook

There is a belief in the small business marketing world that it is now impossible to generate leads on Facebook without paying for advertising, but that is simply not true.  While Facebook has largely moved to a “pay to play” platform, there are still ways to find new leads, without opening your wallet.  Utilizing the following strategy can help you make contacts and generate leads without any investment but your time. Start by researching Facebook groups active in your area.  Search for local bride groups, local wedding planning groups, prom/post-prom groups, and other event planning organizations specific to your area.  In addition, join every single garage sale group, classified group, bulletin board group, community group, etc.  You can search for these by city/town, county, area code and so forth.  The Facebook search bar is your friend.  Once you join a few, Facebook will begin recommending similar groups to you.  Join… Read This Post


Instagram and the photo booth business, part 2

Instagram and the photo booth business, part 2 thumbnail

Instagram is an important marketing tool for your photo booth business, it can boost sales and encourage clients to use your services again.  Now that you have your profile set up, the question is, what and when should you be posting on Instagram? I recommend posting to Instragram at least once a day.  As photo booth owners, most of our work takes place on the weekends.  So the question becomes, what to post during the week?  Here are some ideas: When you order and receive new props, post a photo of them, let people know you’re looking forward to using them. Perhaps you just received some new back drops, or are ordering a step and repeat, make a post about it. If you’re working on photo strip graphic designs, post the graphic, ask your followers what they think. When you book a new event, post a photo booth related photo… Read This Post


Instagram and the photo booth business, part 1.

instagram and photo booth business

It seems like every 6 months there is a new social media platform that the business gurus are telling everyone to join, currently Snapchat is the hot app.  How can you determine which social media sites are worthy of your valuable time as your work to promote your photo booth business? I believe most photo booth owners have embraced Facebook, but are you utilizing Instagram as well? I’ll be the first to admit, I was very late to the Instagram party, I just didn’t get it at first.  But as they say, “better late than never”, it has quickly become one of my favorite ways to promote my photo booth business.  According to Wikipedia, Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety… Read This Post


How to handle non-profits & still profit.

How to handle non-profits & still profit. thumbnail

One of the most common questions that photo booth owners ask me is, "How do I handle this charity, church, school, community group, fundraiser or other non-profit organization."  Typically these clients are looking for a deep discount, if not a full "donation in kind." There isn't anything wrong with giving a discount or complete donation just out of generosity or because it's a cause that you feel deeply about.  We regularly donate our photo booth to events at our church and local Relay for Life events. However, we are business owners and need to make a living.  So when people ask me this question, I simply refer them to a blog post/podcast done by the guys over at ProBoothTalk, called "Will You Donate Your Booth - Working with Non-Profits."  These guys lay out a brilliant sponsorship model that works brilliantly and is a win for everyone. Read this article, listen… Read This Post


Google Adwords or Adwords Express?

photo booth google adwords

One of the questions that I am most often asked is, "what paid advertising should I start with?, "what has the best ROI?"  My answer is always the same, start with Google Adwords.  When someone searches "photo booth rental in your city", the closer your photo booth company listing is to the top of the search results, the greater the likelihood the person will visit your site.  Google Adwords is an advertising platform, in which you pay to be at the top of the search results.  It is worth paying for this advertising as these people are warm leads, they are seeking out a photo booth rental. Then the question becomes, should I use Google Adwords or Google Adwords Express for the photo booth business?  What's the difference?  The two platforms work the same way in the sense that they are both focused on bringing you photo booth leads and… Read This Post


Get that photo booth money.

Get that photo booth money. thumbnail

Once your photo booth business gets rolling and busy, you're going to need to find ways to get contracts signed, send invoices, take payments, file receipts and keep your books up to date and just stay organized. I try and run my photo booth rental business as paperless as possible.  Sure from time to time there are clients who want a paper contract or prefer to mail a check, but the vast majority of clients want to interact totally online. There are a lot of apps and products out there to help you accomplish all of these tasks.  I have compiled a resource guide that I think you will find helpful.  I haven't tried all of these, so I can't vouch for all of them, but overall they have received good reviews.   Payments & Invoicing. PayPal. Square. Stripe. Square Cash. Venmo. TransferWise. Bonsai Harvest Zoho Pancake Square Invoices Hiveage… Read This Post


How to get photo booth customers to open your email and reply.

photo booth email

Email marketing is one of my favorite topics.  When a customer gives you their email address, you want to do everything you can to make sure they open and read your reply.  Email inboxes can be a crowded a place, especially with some of our clients.  Consider a bride or wedding planner who is inquiring about all kinds of wedding related services and all the associated emails that follow.   The subject line. As  your customer scans through their email inbox, you want to make sure that they open your email.  The best way to insure this is to grab their attention with the subject line.  Here is the subject line that over the years has worked best for me: "Jennifer (your customer's name) - Your Photo Booth Inquiry" Why is this subject line effective?  People respond well to seeing their own name.  Think about being in a noisy crowd… Read This Post


16 Icon Resources and More for the DIY Photo Booth Graphic Designer

photo booth icons

This post will round out this series of resources for the DIY Photo Booth Graphic Designer, for now. Below are 16 sites where you can download all sorts of icons.  These are great if you are designing or updating your website.  These could also be useful for some photo booth strip designs.   Noun Project. Icons for everything.  Over 150,000 icons, from creators around the world. Flat Icon.  107,300 free vector icons. IonIcons. Material Icons. Beautifully crafted, delightful and easy to use in your projects. Iconfinder. Search through 840,609 icons or browse 16,332 icon sets. Weather Icons.  222 weather themed icons and CSS. Gemicon.  600+ free icons. Simple Icons. Icon Store.  Free icons by first class designers. Payment Font.  A sleek webfont containing 95 icons of all main payment operators and methods. LivIcons. IcoMoon.  Pixel perfect icon solutions. Octicons. Creative Market. Typicons.  336 pixel perfect, all purpose, vector icons. We Love… Read This Post


17 Font Resources for the DIY Photo Booth Graphic Designer.

photo booth fonts

I received such great feedback and suggestions from my last post, Resource Guide for the DIY Photo Booth Graphic Designer, which was mostly dedicated to free stock images found on the web. I decided to follow-up with a resource list dedicated to website where you can find fonts.  We've all been there, the bride sends us her invitation and wants us to create a photo strip graphic/logo/monogram, that matches the font on the invitation exactly.  And of course she doesn't know what font was used. Here is a list of font resources on the web that will help you in your designs.  Some are free and some are paid. Enjoy! Google Fonts.  100s of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web. DaFont. Adobe Type. FontShop. Font Squirrel.  100% free for commercial use. FontSpring.  Worry-free, perpetual font licensing for everyone. Fonts In Use.  An independent archive of typography. Font Space.  Collection of… Read This Post


Resource Guide for the DIY Photo Booth Graphic Designer.

photo booth graphics

If you want your photo booth company to stand out from the crowd, I believe it's important to offer your customers high-quality photo strip graphics, custom touch screen backgrounds, green screens, beautiful marketing materials, etc.  Fortunately, most of the photo booth software programs have made it really easy to incorporate your designs into their templates. Often it is just finding the right custom graphics for your event. The unprofessional photo booth owners will just do a quick Google image search and take any relevant image that appears, regardless of what the copyright license of the photo or image is.  This practice can come back to bite you in the form of fines or an unfriendly letter from an attorney. For a quick education on the definitions of different types of copyright licenses, check out this page. Creative Commons. I have compiled a list of resources for the DIY photo booth… Read This Post


The Anatomy of a Photo Booth Business “About” Page.

photo booth about page

When I get into my car and turn the ignition key, I consider it a small miracle that the car actually starts and runs. Not because my car is unreliable (please..it's a Honda), but with all of sensors, computers and electronics that have to come together in those seconds. Although it's not a miracle, I still excited when I get a inquiry from a photo booth customer through my website.  It means in the vastness of the internet, they found my site, and were interested enough in my photo booth services to reach out for more information.  With that being said, it is important to have an optimized website, and a big part of that is having an engaging "About" page. Why have an "About" Page? I want to encourage you that the "About" page is worth spending time on.  For most business websites, it is the second most viewed… Read This Post


How to get more Facebook Page “Likes” for free.

photo booth business facebook

UPDATE: As of June 2016, this strategy is no longer valid, as Facebook has removed the ability to do this.  Why?  I'm not sure, but it probably has to do with Facebook's overall movement towards a completely "pay to play" platform.  Well, it was a good run and it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully you were able to add a few hundred "likes" to your page. This article assumes that your photo booth company has a Facebook Page.  If you don't have one, it's easy to create one, it takes just 5 minutes.  Choose a profile picture, write a short description and you can even easily design a cover image with the templates provided on Canva. I know that Facebook doesn't have the organic reach that it used to, and the number of "Likes" your photo booth business page has isn't everything.  However, I do believe that a healthy… Read This Post


How to relate to photo booth customers: Part 2

Two weeks ago I was the guest on a photo booth webinar series put on by PhotoBooth Supply Co.  We discussed various topics, all having to do with relating to customers and building rapport.  Not everyone was able to watch the live webinar or the replay, so I had a transcript of our conversation made.  It was an hour long conversation, which is quite long in text form, this is the second half of our chat.  Hope you enjoy it. Joe: So other than just pick up the phone, is there a better way of handling the phone call or the email that comes in? Chris: I think whether you’re answering the phone or you’re writing an email, you have to put something in there that’s going to separate yourself from everybody else, because if the customer is just getting a back of bunch of auto-responder messages, it’s pretty obvious. … Read This Post


How to relate to photo booth customers: Part 1.

Last week I was the guest on a photo booth webinar series put on by PhotoBooth Supply Co.  We discussed various topics, all having to do with relating to customers and building rapport.  Not everyone was able to watch the live webinar or the replay, so I had a transcript of our conversation made.  It was an hour long conversation, which is quite long in text form, so this is the first half.  Hope you enjoy it. Joe: Well hello everyone and welcome to PhotoBooth Supply Co. My name is Joe Rumore, I’m here with PhotoBooth Supply Co., director of sales.  We really are excited to bring these learning series here at PhotoBooth Supply Co. because we really fell passionate about getting everyone involved in learning the business whether you’re a photo booth owner, whether you’re a photographer with a photo booth company, a DJ, entertainment planner, event coordinator, whatever… Read This Post


5 Photo Booth Website Mistakes

photo booth website

I've taken a look at a good number of photo booth rental business websites and noticed some basic errors that can easily be corrected.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of improvements that can be made but I believe these are the top 5.  These mistakes can easily be fixed and will result in a better experience for potential customers, favor with the search engines, which both mean more money in your pocket.     #1 – Websites that are not mobile friendly. Once in a while I'll meet someone who still has a "flip phone" but it's becoming more and more of a rare occurrence. These days it seems like nearly everyone has their head down and is focused on a smartphone or tablet.  Therefore, your photo booth rental website is going to be viewed on a mobile device very often, probably more often than on a… Read This Post


Local SEO for your photo booth business.

photo booth seo

I can't profess to be an expert on SEO (search engine optimization) by any means, but when I search in Google for "photo booth rental + my city", I come up first on the local results list.  I guess I must be doing something right.  Pretend you are a customer looking for a photo booth and try this search. See where your own photo booth company ranks in the local results. If you're not sure what I mean by "local results", it's the first business listings that Google ties in with their maps. Here is an example, I searched, "photo booth rental orlando": Most of us photo booth business owners should be primarily concerned with "local SEO."  I know there are some companies who run national operations, but the majority of us serve a local or even regional area in our respective cities.  So with that being said we only… Read This Post


Don’t use this phrase in the photo booth business.

photo booth copywriting

There are subtle differences in the English language that when used by businesses on their websites, emails and other advertising materials can make or break a sale.  Professional copywriters and marketers study and A/B test different words and phrases in great detail and depth to see what sells the best. There is a particular phrase that photo booth business owners often use on their websites, emails, flyers, etc and it turns off customers. The phrase is: "price quote", often used in the context of, "contact us for a price quote" or "request a price quote."  For most people, "price quote" consciously or sub-consciously brings up visions and memories of high-pressure insurance, car and mattress salesman.  This phrase just sounds very "sales-y", almost like "what do I have to do to put you in this photo booth today" type language.  Some people will never request any further information because using the… Read This Post


Why I don’t “sell” photo booth rentals on Facebook.

photo booth marketing

When it comes to advertising on any platform, whether it be search engines, social media, radio/TV, etc., we have to ask ourselves, "do my potential customers use this platform?"  Currently, Facebook has about 1.19 BILLION users, so it is safe to say that there are plenty of people on Facebook who are interested in photo booths. Don't let the title of this article fool you, I run Facebook ads every day for my photo booth rental business and have done so from the very beginning of my business. When Facebook ads are positioned and crafted the right way, I believe they can be effective for any photo booth rental company.  The mistake that most photo booth businesses make is that they are trying to sell a prospective customer right from their Facebook ad.  They are hoping that the potential customer is going to see the ad, be so blown away… Read This Post


Don’t leave for a photo booth gig without these.

photo booth business

When I first started my photo booth business, I purchased the obvious items, the photo booth, prop table, props, hand-truck, totes, scrapbooks, USB drives, etc.  But when you are new, there are things that you won't think of until you're working an event and realize, "_____ would really come in handy right now." Recently, I reached out to photo booth owners for suggestions of things that they wished they had before their first gig.  In addition to the items below, these were other suggestions: Batteries Flashlight Tool kit Extra USB wire Extra Micro-USB wire Ipad Charger Screen Wipes Scissors Leveling Shims Eye drops Breath mints Tide Pen Safety Pins Damp wash cloth Deodorant Make-up Extra change of clothes Extra business cards Extra scrapbook pages Tent Stakes.  Perfect for holding down your backdrop or enclosed photo booth at those outdoor, windy events.   Gaffe Tape.  When there isn't an electrical outlet… Read This Post


How to structure a post-event Facebook post.

photo booth marketing

I, like most photo booth business owners, have a Facebook page for my business.  After a busy weekend of events, it is common practice to upload a few of the best photos to my Facebook business page in hopes attracting new customers and staying in the forefront of current and past customers.  A Facebook page is also helpful for the social proof aspect of your business, new leads can see that you've been out there every weekend and are a legitimate business. A few years ago I could make a simple post and it was easily seen by a few hundred people, with lots of "likes" and a few "shares."  These days without the method I'm going to share with you, this same post would probably be seen by less than 20 people. It is general knowledge that these days Facebook page posts receive considerably less organic reach than previously… Read This Post


My Photo Booth Marketing & Sales Funnel.

photo booth sales funnel

No matter how brilliant your photo booth setup is, if people don't know you have it, you're not going to make any money.  Basically, a sales funnel illustrates how to go about generating a sale from start to end.  This process consists primarily of the sales process, the path through which you direct your customer to renting your photo booth. Here are the stages of a typical sales funnel. Generating leads Attracting prospects Conversion/Creating Customers In short, you cast your net out far and wide, attract leads, acquire prospects and convert those into customers. Many people may be initially interested, but fewer care to hear more and even fewer are able and willing to purchase. A lead can be anyone under the initial casting of the net, a prospect is one who’s interested in your invitation and actually expresses their interest to you, while a customer is the person who… Read This Post


The 9 word email that is CPR for dead photo booth leads.

photo booth email marketing

As a photo booth business owner I spend my share of time and money chasing after new leads and customers, as we all need to and should be.  However, those "warm" leads who have already "raised their hand" by reaching out and asking for more information, but haven't yet placed a deposit are still the most likely to convert.  These are people who were attracted by my advertising, landed on my website and felt compelled to engage with me.  Therefore these prospects are incredibly valuable and the most likely to rent a photo booth. Think about your list of potential customers.  They can be broken down into 3 groups. 1. Those that book immediately. 2. Those that book later. 3. Those that are not going to book. People (especially brides) start gathering information and prices for their events very early on, their event could be a year or two away… Read This Post


Why I don’t advertise my photo booth rental prices.

photo booth pricing

Let me preface this post by saying I know that this is a topic that photo booth business owners disagree about.  My decision to not advertise the pricing for my photo booth rental business is a carefully researched, tested and calculated one that works for my local market.  I believe that every photo booth business owner has to do their own research and market testing to see what strategy works for their local area.   With that being said I'd like to share with you why this strategy works for my business. 1.  The Photo Booth Rental Sales Funnel. My photo booth marketing strategy is like that of a sales funnel.  I advertise on search engines and social media to those customers who most represent the demographics of someone interested in a photo booth rental.  I don't try to sell anyone from the ad, I just want to create enough… Read This Post


Why My Wife Makes More Sales Than I Do.

photo booth marketing to women

As a man, when I need to purchase let's say a new shirt, I'm likely alone and in and out of the mall or department store in less than 10 minutes.  I find the size, color, and as long as the price isn't crazy, I'm done.  I'm not going to go around to every store in the mall to look at their shirts.  I don't need any salesperson to talk to me; I actually prefer that they leave me alone. And I'm not likely distracted by anything else in the store.  Men are very "transactional." We are on a mission to find what we need, close the deal, and move on with our day. Now if my wife is in the market for a new dress, what took me 10 minutes could turn into an entire afternoon for her.  First of all, she's not going to go alone, and she's… Read This Post


Is your email address turning off customers?

photo booth business email

About once a month we get that call, email, or text from our dream customer. They don't care what the price of a photo booth rental is; they just want to book the photo booth immediately.  I wish that we could get these calls all day. However, the reality is most customers don't book on the "first date." There is a conversation that begins. Questions are answered. Fiances and family are brought into the mix. More questions are answered, and hopefully in the end, you end up with a deposit and a date on your calendar. Many customers are placing rental deposits for an event that is a year or more in the future and in the end will spend hundreds or into the thousands of dollars.  These customers want to know that their deposits are secure and that you're going to show up as promised on the day of… Read This Post


The 4 Letter Word that Books Photo Booth Gigs.

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A big part of what gets me excited about the photo booth rental business is simply being found out there in the depths of the internet, especially with all of the competition out there.  I can remember exactly where I was when that first email came in from a customer looking for more information about our photo booth rentals (which happened to be a church picnic).  I don't even remember if they booked or not, I just completely flipped that someone actually found our website and filled out our information request form.   Before I tell you the 4 letter word that books gigs let me put this advice in context otherwise it will be useless.  I take a look at a lot of photo booth rental company websites and business websites in general and some of them are making a simple mistake that is leaving leads and money on… Read This Post


It’s Time to Put on Your Big Boy Pants; Insurance

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Unequivocally you should absolutely have insurance for your photo booth rental business, no exceptions.  This is what separates the men (and women) from the boys (and girls) and the professional companies from the fly by night hobbyists.  Considering all the various types of businesses you could start, this one is pretty low risk for personal injury or property damage claims.  It’s not like the guys who are out cutting down trees, replacing a roof, towing cars, etc.  However, insurance is to protect against what we hope never happens.  Before I actually got started in the business, I thought, how could a guest, possibly become injured, inside my photo booth.  Now, after being out there for a few years, and seeing that alcohol is a factor at most events, I think it is absolutely possible and probable.  We run an enclosed booth and I’ve considered, well someone could hit their head… Read This Post


How should you structure your photo booth business?

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*Disclaimer* I am not an attorney, accountant or tax expert, please consult a professional when making this decision. Now that you actually have or are on track to have a photo booth you can dream up a business name.  It’s important to choose a business name that includes the words “Photo Booth(s)” or “Photo Booth Rentals.”  You want to make it very easy for clients who are looking to rent a photo booth to find you.  By including “photo booth” in the name of your business, you also make yourself more search engine friendly.  You don't want your business name to be so ominous that no one knows what you do, your business name should be specific, obvious and convey exactly what it is you have to offer. Don't get too emotionally attached to any one name, have a few different options or variations of the business name ready, in case… Read This Post


5 Ways to Pay for your Photo Booth

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If you are anything like me, I’m not much of a risk taker when it comes to using my own money for a new idea (and probably like you, I come up with 5-10 new “ideas” every day in my head).  Most entrepreneurs try to mitigate as much risk as possible when it comes to financing a new business venture.  Also like many of you, I have a family to support and don’t have a ton of disposable income.  If this is you, just ignore the first 4 points and skip down to #5.  Save up.  I bought my photo booth with money we had in our savings account.  Perhaps you have enough in your savings as well.  Maybe you forgot about the account with all the birthday money from grandma.  If you don’t already have enough in savings, how quickly could you save $3,000-$6,000?  You could probably save this… Read This Post


Don’t buy a photo booth until you read this.

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You’ve validated that there is a market for a photo booth rental business in your area.  Before you spend your money on a photo booth, there are some realities that you should know about the unique industry you are about to get yourself into.  This blog post by Rick Brewer of  WeddingBusinessMarketing.com is on point:  Four hard truths, by Rick Brewer.  http://www.weddingbusinessmarketing.com/four-hard-truths/ Here are my thoughts on these 4 points: 1.  Never before, rarely again clientele. Most photo booth gigs, whether a wedding or birthday party, are one and done, never to be hired by the customer again.  However, this is also the exact reason that people rent anything and that this business exists.  People rent things that they rarely use or only need once and doesn’t make financial sense to purchase.  Even at our most expensive rental, $1100, the cost is considerably less than the customer purchasing one of… Read This Post


Should YOU start a photo booth rental business?

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When the photo booth first came onto the scene, there were many in the event industry who believed that it was going to be a fad that lasted a year or two, never to be popular again.  But here we are many years later and I think it’s safe to say the photo booth is here to stay.  The long line that forms when we have our photo booth at an event and the laughter and excitement that surrounds it is infectious.  I believe that the photo booth is quickly becoming a staple for many events. As I mentioned in my previous post, the cost of a good photo booth (and you probably should buy a manufactured booth, don’t try and fabricate one out of shower rods and curtains) is significant; ours was nearly $8,000.  We were fortunate to have a decent savings account and could afford the cost, but… Read This Post


Why I started a photo booth rental business.

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I’m Chris; I’m a pastor, husband, father of 3, full-time employee, and of course photo booth rental business owner.   My wife and I have run a successful and profitable photo booth business for over 2 years and have learned a lot.  When I first started out in the business, I couldn’t find a really in-depth, long form blog or useful site about the ins and outs of the photo booth business.  I know there are many aspiring and new photo booth business owners out there, and my goal is to provide you with valuable information and content. How it all started. In the fall of 2013, my then employer assigned me to work on a special project, which required me to commute to lower Manhattan most days.  This had me in the car for about 4 hours a day, which gave me the opportunity to find and listen to new… Read This Post


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